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Dave Neumann's Positively Glowing Trinity River Corridor Project Update

As we mentioned below, city and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials have called a 1:30 p.m. press conference to announce that more than likely, the Corps will sooner than later sign off on plans to repair the Trinity River levees by pouring those concrete seepage cutoff walls guesstimated to run, oh, 'round $150 million. Ish. Among those making the announcement will be Trinity River Corridor Project Committee Chairman Dave Neumann, who is presently trying -- sort of -- to keep Scott Griggs from taking his council seat.

Well, last night Neumann sent to his constituents and fan club members the e-blast you'll find on the other side in which the TRCP chair provides updates about myriad to-do's up and down the Trinity, from the levees themselves ...

... I am pleased to announce that the Army Corps of Engineers, after two years of study and working with the City of Dallas, anticipates Approval of a Levee repair plan that will lead to Dallas' Trinity levees being recertified by Spring 2012 ...
... to the Margaret McDermott Bridge that would replace the I-30 bridge over the Trinity, which Neumann insists is ...
...still planned to begin construction in 2012. Replacing the current I-30 bridge, will be a companion signature bridge that will add an additional dimension to our Dallas skyline and will provide pedestrian, bicycle, and improved access from Downtown to Oak Cliff.
Which might come as news to the Texas Department of Transportation, whose Bill Hale told Unfair Park exactly four weeks ago that it's proceeding without the second Calatrava bridge as part of its plans. As in: "If the city wants to make it a signature bridge, we'll allow them to put it in there, but it would be an an extra cost. But they haven't ID'd the dollars to cover that, so we're designing it as a normal structure." Oh, well, gives us something to do today. Jump. But don't get too wet.

It is an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Trinity River Corridor Project of the Dallas City Council.

Clearly the last several years have been challenging for the project as a result of the Katrina floods and its impact on our levees and levees across the country. Positive leadership tells us that now is not the time, however, to give up, but rather to strengthen our resolve for the Trinity River Corridor Project.

  • Our FOCUS continues to be to provide Flood protection for all our citizens and businesses in West Dallas, Oak Cliff, and Downtown.
  • Our GOAL is to bring nationally acclaimed parks, trails, lakes, and bridges to our center city within the Trinity River Basin.
  • If we stay ON COURSE....Our natural end result will be economic development opportunities and improved quality of life for all Dallas citizens.

Important Accomplishments:

Trinity Levee Repairs pending approval....The Army Corps of Engineers to announce that they "anticipate" approval of the Flood Control 408 permit in July, 2011 which will allow the City of Dallas to repair our levees.

FEMA Remapping on HOLD.... After 10 plus years of excellent or very good ratings of our levees, the Corps of Engineers downgraded levees, including Dallas' to reflect the consequences of the Katrina flood event. FEMA notified the City of Dallas of remapping surrounding business and residential properties as a result of this downgrade. I am pleased to report that FEMA has decided to put the remapping on Hold after Dallas and other cities successfully made their case that remapping residential and commercial property adjacent to the levees while recertifying the levees just didn't make good public sense.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge....on schedule, on budget, and will be substantially complete by Fall, 2011. This bridge, which effectively extends Woodall Rogers into West Dallas will energize and bring new economic development opportunities to our West Dallas community as well as create a new skyline for our City.

Margaret McDermott Bridge....still planned to begin construction in 2012. Replacing the current I-30 bridge, will be a companion signature bridge that will add an additional dimension to our Dallas skyline and will provide pedestrian, bicycle, and improved access from Downtown to Oak Cliff.

Sylvan Avenue scheduled to begin Fall of 2011. The sylvan bridge will include pedestrian, bicycle, as well as access to our Trinity parks and trails.

Continental Avenue Bridge....anticipated construction to begin Spring 2012. This will be a pedestrian bridge with a dedicated bike path.

Standing is currently underway with a Grand Opening for the public scheduled for May 7th. This project includes kayak launches, access trails, parking and access road for the Trinity Standing Wave located at 1900 East Eighth Street.

"With the recertification of the levees, the Trinity River Corridor Project springs alive again with the efforts to connect North, South, East, and West trails, three magnificent lakes, ball fields and gathering places for your family."

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