Dead Presidents

Why is Lincoln Kennedy so danged happy? Maybe it's because the former Raider's getting a shot at being a Cowboy during training camp.

Two words this morning: Lincoln Kennedy.

Been a while since you heard that name, eh? Well, you'll be hearing it again later today as the Dallas Cowboys bring in the former three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman for a training-camp tryout here in Oxnard, California. Kennedy, 35, was the ninth overall pick in the 1993 draft and had a stellar career with the Oakland Raiders. His Dallas-based agent, Scott Casterline, who you may remember as Tyson Thompson's rep and a star of last summer's TV hit Super Agent, called the Cowboys to say his client wants back in the NFL after an ugly divorce and two years off to heal his body.

"I want to win a Super Bowl," Kennedy says. "I want to help a contender."

Whispered owner Jerry Jones to Unfair Park just last night: "Sure, we have interest in him. Definitely worth taking a look at."

If he can return to his old, dominating form, Kennedy can help a below-average Cowboys offensive line. Last year Dallas gave up 49 sacks of quarterback Drew Bledsoe--25 in the last five games alone, which helped pave the way to the team's ugly 2-4 finish. Worse, running back Julius Jones had one--count 'em, one--100-yard rushing game. Add to those ugly numbers that the best lineman in the history of the franchise, Larry Allen, was cut in the off-season, and it's easy to see how desperate the Cowboys are for help. --Richie Whitt

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