Debbie Still Does Dallas

Today, Docurama releases on DVD the disappointing, underwhelming doc called Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, which, alas, does not live up to its billing; my mom has more titillating stuff in her collection. (S'what my dad says.) Originally titled The Curse of Debbie Does Dallas, this overwrought mini-doc (clocks in at 47 minutes) originally aired on cable last year; hence, perhaps, its shy behavior, flashing glimpses of female flesh and blurring out all the other naughty bits. It doesn't have balls or stamina of 2005's Inside Deep Throat, which had going for it celeb commentators offering somber thoughts on a socio-economic phenom, as well as the filmmakers' willingness to go, pardon, deep. Debbie offers only the shallow, obvious stuff—interviews with some of the male actors (including Herschel Savage, who says the porn biz is "hard work"), a few production folks and the same Feds who appeared in Inside Deep Throat. It barely deals with the Dallas Cowboys' lawsuit, brought in 1979 against Pussycat Cinema, and it never answers the one burning question: What happened to Bambi Woods? Also here is a Brit-made 48-minute doc Diary of a Porn Virgin, starring an adult-film director who looks like Ricky Gervais with a ponytail. —Robert Wilonsky

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