Debra Medina Schedules Press Conference to Stop Hemorrhaging Caused By Beck Interview

It's obvious, apparently even to Debra Medina, that her three-paragraph explanation following her disastrous interview with Glenn Beck yesterday wasn't enough to put the wheels back on her campaign. So Medina has decided to face the music, or in this case, a group of reporters anxious to hear WTF she was thinking when she told Beck that she hasn't taken a position on whether the government was involved in 9/11.

Medina, who's scheduled to appear at a 1 p.m. press conference at the Hyatt Regency Houston, is ready "to set the record straight regarding her interview on Glenn Beck yesterday," according to a press release just issued by her campaign, which explains the reason for Medina's shindig thusly:

This governor's race is important to the people of Texas. The Perry and Hutchison campaigns are scared and nervous. They see the polls not in their favor and hear the people are ready for new representation. Debra Medina is not a career politician. She's an average citizen fighting for the rights of Texans who are unhappy with the status quo. It's unfortunate the mudslinging has begun, but it's not sticking to Debra.

This press conference is held so that all members of the media have the opportunity to hear it from Debra first-hand and will relay her message to the people, not from some pre-recorded distortion from media personalities looking for opportunistic high ratings.

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