Deion Sanders Is Having The Worst Week Ever (Updated)

Well, last week was pretty bad too, as he physically fought with his estranged wife in front of his kids and then tweeted a photo of his two boys filling out police reports. A picture speaks way more than 140 characters, and that tweet was one in a series of martyr-like messages, using the platform to release his "TRUTH".

Turns out a judge must weigh his version of the TRUTH against that of his estranged wife. This morning, Sanders is in court with Pilar for a hearing on the protective orders they both requested, Channel 8 reports.

And yes, this is the same Deion Sanders, legendary Dallas Cowboys star, who is the front man for the very sketchy Prime Prep Academy charter school, the subject of this week's Observer cover story.

The story details the missteps of the charter school he's been pumping as an inner-city savior in Dallas and Fort Worth. Sanders' image is inextricably linked to Prime Prep Academy, but it's his business partner who's pulling the strings behind the scenes with dicey leases and quid pro quo deals.

And while Sanders is promoting himself as the embodiment hope to inner-city kids (there's even a reality show in the works), police have reportedly referred a charge of criminal mischief against the NFL Hall of Famer to the Collin County District Attorney's Office.

These charges stem from the same incident last Monday, when Sanders tweeted about his physical fight with Pilar, for which police cited him for assault and arrested her. Pilar's friend, who was also there, told police she videotaped Sanders hitting Pilar with a statue and that Sanders then busted up her phone with a weight, destroying the evidence.

With that, Prosper police, once criticized of going soft on Sanders, are now throwing the book at him. Speaking of books, the charter school Sanders co-founded is scheduled to open this August.

Update: The Dallas Morning News has updated their story as the hearing progresses. It's dramatic; it's upsetting, and it's downright sad. During opening arguments, according to the updates, Pilar's attorney referenced Sanders' book, "Power, Money & Sex - How Success Almost Ruined My Life." He said the book needed a follow-up showing "how power, money -- the only important thing in life -- and sex -- what drives this man every day -- ruined his life." Another lawyer representing the children's best interest spoke about how their rocky and violent relationship affects the kids.

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Leslie Minora