Deion Sanders Twitter-casts That His Wife Jumped Him (Updated 2x)

Update 2: Prosper cops issued Deion Sanders a ticket for misdemeanor simple assault, according to TMZ. The ticket carries a fine of up to $500.

Update: Pilar Sanders was arrested and booked in Collin County Jail on a misdemeanor assault charge. And Sanders fired off another tweet a little while ago with a photo of his boys smiling: "Smile if u know God is good! We're smiling baby. Joy came this morning and we opened the door and let Joy in. TRUT"

Pilar's twitter has been silent since the alleged assault.


Original post: Deion Sanders tweeted an hour ago that his ex-wife and a friend jumped him in his room front of his kids. The NFL Hall of Famer and prolific twitter-er released this statement to the Internet:

He continued:

All leading up to his posting a photo of him and his kids filling out police reports.

(link here)

How this is showing some sort of capital "T" truth, we're not sure. We're just sad for his kids.

DFW Police Scanner confirmed that authorities had arrived at Sanders' home in Prosper, TX. Neither the Prosper police department nor the Denton County Sheriff's Office had more information at this time, but we will update accordingly.

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Leslie Minora