Dem Apples Don't Fall Far From the Tree

Speaking of Neil Young (see below), his album Living With War -- you know, the one with "Let's Impeach the President" -- has been out since May of last year. So it isn't new. But what is relatively recent is a review of the disc that can be found on Young's "Living With War Today" Web site. Headlined "A New Generation's Protest Music," it first appeared in the Harvard Political Review on January 18, and it was written by Dallas' Jessica Coggins.

And, yes, her last name ought to seem familiar: Jessica, a Hockaday grad, is the daughter of Paul Coggins, former U.S. Attorney under President Bill Clinton, and Regina Montoya, who worked in the Clinton White House, ran as a Democrat for Congress and is now CEO of New America Alliance, a Latino economic empowerment organization. Both are also Harvard grads.

Jessica writes a twice-monthly column for The Harvard Crimson. She also blogs on Dem Apples, the official Harvard College Democrats Web site, where today she writes about an upcoming screening of Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, filed under "homophobia," "sexism," "manhood" and "rap music." As I told her parents -- both lawyers -- Jessica is showing an alarming interest in and talent for the dark side: journalism. --Glenna Whitley

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