According to Dallas' Only Daily, Andrea Yates, pictured here, and Dena Schlosser are BFF! Like, OMG. No, really. They killed their kids because God needed them to. What they said, anyway.

Dena and Andrea: LYLAS!

Yesterday, The Dallas Morning News offered the front-page story about how Andrea Yates and Dena Schlosser, who're killin' time at the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon for killing their kids, are now Best Friends Forever! This was the News' headline for the story in which it was revealed that Yates, who drowned her five children in order to save them from the devil, and Schlosser, who, as the News puts it, "severed her daughter's arms at the shoulders to offer her baby to God," are now roommates:

"Schlosser and Yates find solace in friendship"

Me, I like The New York Post's version from today's paper, which is not online:


But, see, that's just the Post appealing to its core reader. --Robert Wilonsky


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