Deny or Approve?

I just received a MySpace friend request from Don Hill. Seriously. "Don Hill...wants to be your friend!" the request reads. Then I open up his page (because, naturally, you gotta investigate the profile before you approve or deny the request) and feel slightly less special as it's not just Don Hill, but Don Hill for Mayor 2007 that wants my friendship, my extended network.

And if you do go to his Web site, stick around for a few minutes so his sweet, sweet jam can start up and woo you into the voting booth. We're not sure what the song is, and, frankly, we're not quite sure what it means or has to do with Hill's campaign: "Everybody's got a reason/Everybody's got something to say/Everybody's got a story when things don't work out their way." Not exactly Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop." --Merritt Martin


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