Despite Staff's Suggestion, Plan Commission Denies Church's Permit for Private School

Daniel's at Dallas City Hall at this very moment, where he's been sitting through a City Plan Commission meeting way longer than he'd expected. A little while ago they finally got 'round to discussing the six-years-in-the-making Bishop Davis Land Use & Zoning Study, but Daniel sends back word that proceedings were delayed by a heated discussion over a private school, which Hillcrest Church wants to start in its existing facility at Hillcrest Road and Willow Lane just off Forest.

According to docs submitted to the plan commission, Hillcrest Church wants a specific use permit to allow for "the operation of a private school within an existing church for approximately 250 students [that would] range from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade." City staff recommended approval for two years "with eligibility for automatic renewals for additional five-year periods." But Daniel reports back that it didn't go well for the church:

Eight folks from the neighborhood around the church spoke. About 30 raised their hands when asked for a show of opposition. Then those for the school spoke in support, including Pastor Mark Brand. But CPC denied the application without prejudice. After the thumbs-down, Brand told Unfair Park, "Obviously, we're disappointed by the decision."
He'll have more from the meeting tomorrow -- most of which will deal with the Oak Cliff study. Daniel just texted: "Still at it ..."

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Robert Wilonsky
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