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Developer Wants to Turn Garland Road into Arboretum Boulevard

Last month, the Advocate quietly reported on Lincoln Property Co.'s plans for the intersection of Garland Road and Gaston Avenue. Starbucks, Freebird's and a grocery store all look to be in the cards. Also -- and this might rile some certain neighbors -- the developer wants to change the name of Garland Road to Arboretum Boulevard.

The details were given during a meeting with the Lakewood Hills Neighborhood Association. I checked with the group's president, Stewart Cockrell, who confirmed the plan, though he said it wasn't clear whether it was Lincoln's idea or the city's.

I've left a message with Lincoln's executive VP Robert Dozier for more details, but nothing official has happened yet. LaShawn Green in the city's planning department said she processes all street name change requests and has not yet seen that one.

The Advocate's Jeff Siegel thinks Lincoln's plans are rather lame but calls the Arboretum Boulevard idea is " so funny that I don't even need to think of a joke to go with it." Given neighbors' near paranoia about the creeping footprint of the Arboretum, I think a lot of people won't find it so humorous.

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Eric Nicholson
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