Developers Out of New Mexico Have a Plan for Old AMC Glen Lakes 8 Space: Arcade!

No doubt you're aware by now that beloved Houston-based Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods is due to take over the old Toys "R" Us at Walnut Hill and Central Expressway; originally due to debut 'round Thanksgivingish, Spec's tells Unfair Park this morning that there's now "no specific date" for the grand opening, so just hold your liquor.

Turns out, though, that's not the only piece of property set for a redo on that east side of Central: On Thursday, during a meeting jam-packed with items of interest we'll get to soon enough, the City Plan Commission will hear about a proposal to raze the old AMC Glen Lakes 8 and replace it with "a general commercial amusement (inside) and restaurant use." To be more specific:

The applicant is proposing a restaurant and commercial amusement (inside) use. Commercial amusement (inside) can be a considered an umbrella for specific types of amusement uses such as banquet hall, bingo parlor, dance hall, and children's amusement center. The applicant has indicated the type of commercial amusement proposed in this case is a general commercial amusement center with games of skill and arcade games for adults and children. Staff believes this and all other types of commercial amusement (inside) uses are appropriate for the property with the exception of a dance hall. The PD conditions show the staff's recommendation for a dance hall to be allowed by SUP.

The developers behind this are out of New Mexico: Rosemont Realty, where messages have been left. But, first off: I could have sworn the theater, which used to be one of my favorites, has been closed longer than five years. Second: How's Dave & Buster's going to feel about feel about this?

Update: Dave & Buster's probably feels pretty good about it, actually, since, as one Friend of Unfair Park notes below, it's actually going to be a Dave & Buster's. Hunh.

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