DFW Airport Homophobe Caught on Video Is McCleish Christmas Benham from Tennessee

Earlier Tuesday, we told you that we didn't yet know the identity of the drunk, gay-slurring man who attempted to assault a man at DFW airport before being tackled by a group of good Samaritans. Now we do. His name is McCleish Christmas Benham and he lives in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The police report included below outlines what happened before you see Benham get his butt kicked in the now-viral video. Benham began swearing at an airline employee while she attempted to help him with his flight reservations. When she asked him if he had been drinking, he told her that he'd had 100 drinks -- which, having seen the video, seems on the low end. The unidentified man whom Benham would later kick in the junk came to her defense. Benham called him a "San Frisco faggot" and then punched him in the right eye, the man said. It's at this point the recorded portion of the video begins:

Benham was taken to airport jail and charged with being drunk in public and simple assault, both of which are Class C misdemeanors punishable by a maximum fine of $500. If prosecutors charge Benham with a hate crime, the assault would be bumped up to a Class B misdemeanor, something you can actually go to jail for.

Unfair Park breathes a sigh of relief that this guy isn't from Texas and again commends the work of Not Paul Rudd and his compatriots.

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Benham Police Report

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