DHA Board Chair Betty Culbreath Serving Hot Ham Sandwiches

Betty Culbreath

Thought now might be a good time to peek at the blog of Betty Culbreath, the Laura Miller-appointed chair of the Dallas Housing Authority, which, it was revealed today, is paying CEO Ann Lott $90,000 in severance following her resignation Tuesday. Culbreath, who yesterday posted a comment to this Unfair Park item about Lott's leaving, is really steamed at Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who's quoted in The News yesterday as saying Lott has been treated "harshly." What say you, Ms.BettyPolitic?

It is so strange that he of all people would make that statement , in December when Mayor Leppert was dissatisfied with DHA Leadership it was Commissioner Price who said Ms. Lott would NOT have the support of the community next time. Ms. Lott resign and now he's calling for the DHA Board to be replace. Which Way Is It John? The DHA Board if free work who do you think gives a HAM Sandwich about weather they serve or not. All of us on the Board have other lives so if we get our two days a week back we are OK. We would like to continue our service through the transition but we do not control that.
It would seem Culbreath's copy editor has also resigned. Funny thing: Culbreath also mentions the "HAM sandwich" thing in her Unfair Park comment. Though my favorite part is this last sentence: "If you want join the hate Betty Culbreath club sign up at you nearest Wal-Mart." --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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