Did Arlington Roll a Strike or Just Strike Out? Not Sure Yet.

Speaking of major(ish) announcements in Arlington, there's no word yet on whether the United States Bowling Congress will be moving its balls to Texas. The congress, which has some 2.3 million members, is staying mum on the results of yesterday's meeting during which Milwaukee reps (including the city's mayor) begged it to stay and Arlington reps pleaded with it to change lanes. Word's not likely to come till Tuesday, say USBC reps -- and, yes, it is a rather big deal for Arlington, which is already set to get this 'roided-out bowling alley in the near future.

Reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "For months, the USBC had made it clear that it intended to move to Arlington, taking its 230 jobs and $12 million payroll with it in order to join with the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America. The two groups have a plan in which the USBC would buy a building near the BPAA headquarters in Arlington and then build a new testing and training facility on vacant land nearby." Wait ... training facility? --Robert Wilonsky


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