Did Rafael Anchía Just Say He Wants to be Mayor of Dallas?

Perhaps the translation's slightly off, but it seems Dallas Rep. Rafael Anchía has given us a sneak peek into his future political plans. Today Radio Euskadi -- which is broadcast throughout Basque Country in Spain, where Anchía's family comes from -- ran an interview with the Haynes & Boone attorney Texas Monthly recently appointed the future governor of Texas. The chitchat was mostly about why Anchía supports Barack Obama. But this is the paragraph most worth nothing this afternoon:

People say he has a brilliant political career and he could be the next Texas Democratic Governor. However, he says he is not ambitious and by the moment he is satisfied with the idea of becoming Dallas Mayor, and he will then decide what will happen in the future.

Well, to quote Jim Schutze, he is "real good-lookin'." Also, I like the idea that being mayor of Dallas is not "ambitious." It makes me giggle. --Robert Wilonsky

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