Dirk Knows Wiki

Yesterday, the Dallas Mavericks launched a new site that looks kinda of familiar: Mavswiki.com, which does indeed look just like Wikipedia. But, then, that is the point. Team owner Mark Cuban tells Unfair Park that MavsWiki is intended "a way for fans to have more fun and connect closer to the Mavs" by posting their fond memories of games way past and recently present. Mavs staffers (meaning, interns) will augment the site with old game stories from the Associated Press and other media outlets. Cuban also says, "I think it's a first of any kind"; certainly, no other pro sports team has a similar site...at the moment.

So far, there are only a handful of Associated Press pieces on the site from a few random games; also, there's a general team history, which is the same as the Wikipedia entry. But that should change, if the press-release promises come true: "The site will not only feature the history of the Mavs, player and team statistics and game recaps, but will also allow fans the opportunity to add their own personal experiences through comments or photographs from games that they have attended." So, post. Only, no low posts. Really, I suck at this job. --Robert Wilonsky

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