Dirk Nowitzki Celebrates Birthday The Way All NBA Stars Surely Do: Vintage Wine and a Nobel Laureate

So what do you give the man who -- all the sudden -- has everything?

You throw him a surprise birthday party at a discreet wine room and invite 41 guests, including a Nobel Prize winner he's never met.

After getting serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by a post-parade American Airlines Center crowd last Thursday, Nowitzki was treated to a party on Sunday thrown by his girlfriend, Jessica Olsson, and long-time mentor Holger Geschwindner.

Dirk, who turned 33 yesterday, was surprised at Graileys, a fancy schmancy wine cellar/restaurant in the Design District. He sipped on a vintage 1978 bottle of something or other and was awarded his own wine locker.

In attendance: Mavs' general manager Donnie Nelson, teammate Brian Cardinal, equipment manager Al Whitley, trainer Casey Smith, Stars' icon Mike Modano, Dallas/Indian comedian Paul Varghese and a string quartet from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Oh, and 1994 Nobel winner and UT Southwestern's Dr. Alfred Gilman, just because Holger was fascinated by him.

As for gifts ...

Nowitzki received, among other presents, an iPad and a Torneau watch.

His itinerary?

After dining at Blue Fish and partying at Rio Room Saturday night, he and Jessica are off to the Cayman Islands this week. Then on to Germany.

Before you know it, October and training camp will be here.

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