DISD Board Declares "State of Financial Exigency," But Will Not Call for Reduction in Force -- Not Yet

DISD trustee Ron Price

Moments ago, near the end of the nearly three-hour-long DISD board meeting -- before the board went behind closed doors to talk about the superintendent in front of his face -- trustee Ron Price said, "This is a critical moment in Dallas Independent School District's history." Which, all things considered, might have been underselling it.

Immediately afterward, Michael Hinojosa backed off calling for a reduction in force -- at least till September 29. "There's not an urgency for us to act today," he said, only an urgency for the board to come up with a plan to cover the $64 million budget shortfall. So, Price told teachers worried about being fired immediately, Have a nice weekend. "We're not taking action today," he said, as the board tabled the motion to lay off teachers.

Hinojosa was particularly happy about the board declaring a "state of financial exigency" -- at least, he said, state agencies and financial institutions will see the DISD's serious about dealing with its financial problems. But, for now, board trustees want time to go through the organizational chart and talk to constituents before they begin firing teachers. The board will meet again next Thursday. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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