Damarcus Offord, the 20-year-old Dallas Independent School District trustee candidate, struck back at Mayor Mike Rawlings today, and in the course of one short document managed to heed his supporters' call for a feisty outsider and confirm his detractors' suspicion that he just doesn't know what he's doing.

Rawlings, you'll recall, raised eyebrows yesterday when he endorsed Elizabeth Jones, Dan Micciche and Offord's opponent, Bernadette Nutall, in the upcoming elections. City ethics rules prohibit Rawlings from making endorsements, but he made them anyway with the help of the Dallas Regional Chamber's PAC, which carefully made no reference to Rawlings' job.

Offord jumped on the infraction today, filing a formal Code of Ethics Complaint against Rawlings. See for yourself below, where you'll probably notice that Offord misspelled the mayor's name in the complaint. Every single time.

DISD Candidate Damarcus Offord Filed an Ethics Complaint Against Mike Rawlins Today

City of Dallas Code of Ethics Complaint Against Mayor Rawlins

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