DISD Explains Its New "Effort-Based" Grading Policy, At Great Length

After getting some bad press for its new grading policies, the Dallas Independent School District has posted to its Web site myriad documents explaining them -- including one titled "Concerns and Facts." Of its new grading procedures, the district insists they will "better reflect the more rigorous and effort-based learning philosophy adopted by the district to improve student achievement." Also: "The new policy holds students accountable while providing them with limited opportunities to recover from short-term failure, which is recognized by several studies as one of the factors for long-term student failure." Probably a worthwhile read on the Friday before school starts. Only, as a DISD grad, I have one favor to ask: Will you read them to me? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that yesterday, DISD school board trustee Jerome Garza was on Fox News Channel defending-explaining the new policy. Funny note: At the very end, the Fox anchor reminds the audience that Garza, who was a DISD student for most of his education, attended high school at St. Mark's.


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