DISD Off: Ranger Attacks Fellow Trustees' "Destructive and Self-Serving Agenda"

In case you missed it, on Tuesday Tawnell Hobbs published Dallas Independent School District trustee Jack Lowe's list of things he's looking for in an "ideal" trustee. Among his bullet points: "Supports our vision of being the best urban school district in the country." Fantastic. "Makes courageous decisions for the good of the whole district even when it is politically risky." Right on. "Focuses on students and student achievement, not jobs and contracts." Hmmm, really? And: "Support Edwin Flores as Board President for the next two and a half years." Say what? Lowe later said the list wasn't intended for public consumption; can't imagine why not.

Anyway. Today on her blog, trustee Carla Ranger alludes to the Lowe memo when writing that the board's decision to kill the May '09 elections last year almost killed the May 2010 elections as well, per a missive from Texas Education Agency Commisisoner Robert Scott. And what does Ranger think of Lowe's memo, especially the part about Flores, who's up for re-election next month? Not much: "It is very important for citizens to Vote for the candidate of their choice -- not a candidate who has made secret 12-point deals with current Trustees seeking to continue imposing a narrow, destructive and self-serving agenda on the district."

Have I mentioned I'm moderating the District 1 candidates debate Monday at 6:30 p.m. at Marsh Middle School? I have. Excellent. Audience questions will be taken during the forum, but, again, feel free to leave 'em in the comments.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.