DISD Trustee Carla Ranger Writes of Texas AG's Opinion: "Voting Rights Have Been Sacrificed on the Alter of Political Power."

"Bummer." That's how Dallas Independent School District board trustee Edwin Flores initially responded yesterday when Unfair Park asked for comment concerning the Texas Attorney General's opinion yesterday that the board "was not authorized to change the length of its members' terms of office" from three to four years last November. Then he said some other stuff, like how maybe there might have to be a special election, but, well, maybe someone will have to sue first for that to happen.

Not as far as trustee Carla Ranger's concerned. Late last night, she posted to her blog her reaction to the opinion, which she had requested in December. All she knows is a special election had best take place in November -- though, as Flores did remind, such elections are six-figures expensive. "Watch carefully!" Ranger warns. She also has this to say:

This was an agenda -- a ruthless political agenda, carried out by a wrongheaded board.

Notice how certain Trustees will continue speaking the language of resistance and refusal to follow the law. Dallas ISD has often refused to follow the law or policy when it mattered most.

Democracy won today. Taxpayers won today. Parents won today. The people of Dallas won today.

There is only one honorable thing for the Board to do. Admit the mistake and correct it immediately. ...

Damage has been done to democracy in Dallas. Voting rights have been sacrificed on the alter of political power.

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