DISD Trustee Ranger Wants Hinojosa Out Now

Left a few messages for Dallas Independent School District board trustee Carla Ranger yesterday, but never heard back. No matter -- she's always got her blog. And there, this morning, she has posted a rather straight-forward item headlined "Trustees should remove Superintendent Hinojosa immediately for bad faith." Because Ranger, like many of her fellow trustees (and teachers and principals and parents), cannot believe that just eight months after he said he'd never, ever, cross-my-heart, pinkie-swear leave, Michael Hinojosa's leaving for Georgia at the end of June, the week after next school year's busted budget is approved by the board.

Says Ranger: Screw him, because he just screwed us. Actually, here is what she writes, in its entirety:

One year later and Dallas ISD still has no succession plan.

This has been one of the most difficult periods in the history of Dallas ISD. Time and time again, it has been perfectly clear that the district was not being served well at the highest level.

Now we return to the same place again.

A special called board meeting should be scheduled for early next week. I will make that request. I hope other Trustees will do the same.

Superintendent Hinojosa has again acted in bad faith. The same bad faith was shown last year.

The damage done to our district and its students has been defended, overlooked and enabled. The best interests of the students, parents and taxpayers of Dallas ISD have not been served.

Trustees should meet in executive session and remove Superintendent Hinojosa immediately for his continuing bad faith -- before even more damage is done.

There is no indispensable Superintendent. The staff can carry on -- maybe better than now without the fear of a departing Superintendent.

The district can be run by a temporary Administrative Council of 3-5 senior staff members or whatever the Board determines.

The thrill is gone and so should the Superintendent be gone immediately.

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