DISD Trustee Vows to "Challenge" Super About Number of People Working in Central Office

There are a couple of comments worth pulling out frrom yesterday's item about Dallas Independent School District's $23 million budget surplus. Among 'em: Mike MacNaughton, founding member of Dallas Friends of Public Education, recaps yesterday's budget briefing at Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary School. Following Chief Financial Officer Larry Throm's PowerPoint, MacNaughton asked the CFO, so, like, where'd that money come from. To which Throm said by way of introducing a much longer answer, "I can't say with certainty till the year's over."

I found that verbatim response at the 58-minute mark of DFoPE's podcast of yesterday's briefing, to which Friend of Unfair Park TravisDad directs our attention. Having sat through one of these budget briefings a few weeks ago, I can't say it's the most riveting listen unless you've got a child in the district or just need help sleeping. But there is one highlight toward the end courtesy trustee Lew Blackburn, who teases Thursday's board briefing at 3700 Ross:

"On Thursday I'll be challenging Larry on some of those department costs, especially when it comes to payroll and the number of positions that have been added to the central office. I know we've lost some positions at the campuses, and I'll be challenging Larry and Dr. Hinojosa about not adding additional positions to the central office level."
Blackburn's also among those who want to give teachers a 2 percent raise -- the least the district can do, he says, after the last couple of years.

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Robert Wilonsky
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