DISD's Citizens Budget Review Commission Sets Out to Save Money -- And Teachers Too

On Friday, the Dallas Independent School District unveiled its line-up for the first-ever Citizens Budget Review Commission, a trustee-appointed group charged with helping the school district find ways to cut the budget -- without, it would appear, trimming teachers. Channel 11 was on the scene for last night's first meeting of the commission, during which Dallas Friends of Public Education Mike MacNaughton, also a Friend of Unfair Park, had this to say:

In a scenario where the district would lose $150 million dollars in state funding during the next two years, the district has proposed cutting 450 non-campus jobs amounting to more than $27 million.

But MacNaughton says that number should be higher. "I think we can identify between 600 and 800 of those non-campus employees." He says enough teachers have been cut.

MacNaugton reiterated his point to Channel 8: "I think they can do what they need to do without cutting any teachers." As DISD reminds this moring via Facebok, "The 10-member commission comprises appointed members who will meet Mondays until their work is complete. Those meetings are open to the public."

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Robert Wilonsky
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