DISD's Lone Ranger Demands Board Discuss Extending Hinojosa's Contract Out in the Open

Tomorrow marks the first annual Michael Hinojosa Day: At 9:30 a.m. CST,

or thereabouts

, the Dallas Independent School District Superintendent will be interviewed by the Clark County School District's board of trustees, after which he and Colorado's Commission of Education Dwight Jones will meet their would-be constituents

at two public meetings

. Around the same time, the DISD's school board will meet at 3700 Ross Avenue to decide whether or not

it maybe oughta extend Hinojosa's contract

, lest he leave for Las Vegas.

But at least one trustee doesn't want the board to take any action tomorrow -- and certainly not in closed session. Writes Carla Ranger today:

What is the responsibility of Trustees to the citizens of Dallas who elected us?

It is certainly not to rush into making another bad decision under false pressure.

The special Board meeting on Thursday should be a discussion only.

Trustees should not go behind closed doors and rush into making another wrong decision.

If any decision is made, it must be made in open session before the citizens of Dallas.

It would not be be responsible for Trustees to take any action regarding Superintendent Hinojosa on Thursday.

That is exactly how very unwise decisions have been made before.

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