Those Eagles aren't buzzards. Yet.

Do You Believe in the Lean Green?

Didn’t see this coming. You?

When high-school coaching legend Todd Dodge took the job at North Texas back in December ’06 I predicted great things. Great, instant gratification-type things.


Never did I envision Dodge overseeing a porous defense of record-setting proportions, a 2-18 record after 20 games, an all-time worst 0-8 start this season, and a program in which 18 percent of the players fail drug tests.

Turns out Southlake Carroll and UNT are vastly different shades of green.

In high school Dodge’s teams won 79 of their last 80 games and four state championships with an innovative pass offense. But his college defenses are some of the worst in the history of organized football.

In his 20 games in Denton, UNT has never allowed fewer than 21 points and has surrendered more than 70 three times. This year the Mean Green is allowing an almost unfathomable 50 points per game. Well, 49.9 to be exact, bad enough for 120th out of 120 I-A teams. Only one outfit gives up more yards per game – the one on the Hilltop coached by another passing-game guru.

And remember the Fairy Tale about Dodge’s son and high-school quarterback star, Riley, rebuking the Longhorns to instead help put UNT on the college football map? After starting the season as a receiver and suffering a concussion, Riley’s now going to redshirt.

(Regardless, it will never diminish one of the greatest plays in football history.)

Despite the epic failure, appears Dodge’s job is safe for now. Students, who themselves might struggle with a drug test or two, recently passed a referendum to build a new football stadium. Maybe by the time it’s finished UNT will at least be respectable and Dodge’s legacy won’t be headed down the toilet. – Richie Whitt

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