Sheriff's deputies in Brazoria County rescued this dog.EXPAND
Sheriff's deputies in Brazoria County rescued this dog.
Kiya Edwards via Twitter

10 Happy Endings for the Dogs of Hurricane Harvey

As Texas tallies the largely unknown human and property costs of Hurricane Harvey, it's already clear that the state's dogs and cats have also born the brunt of the storm. Some have been left behind by owners, forced to fend for themselves as the rains rolled in. Others have come along for the ride with owners who couldn't stand to be without them, heading for shelter in the dryer parts of the state.

As evacuees are received in Dallas and the rest of Texas, their animals have been, too. They are held in special areas of the Houston Convention Center Mega Shelter, and across the street from the Dallas Convention Center's parking garage safe haven, in the old Reunion Arena parking structure.

Many animals left in the path of the storm have been rescued by good Samaritans, as @Darth, a widely followed Twitter account focused on dogs, red pandas and absurdist political humor has documented on his feed. Here are 10 of his happiest reports and retweets, culled from fellow Twitter users and news outlets on the scene.

Here's a video of Hankamer Police Department officers using a boat to save dogs from a local shelter. 

Molly Louise got a little scared on her rescue boat, but she's good now.

Sheriff's deputies rescued these happy pups in Holiday Lakes, a town in Brazoria County.

Frankie and Bear were left in a boat by themselves during the storm before being rescued.

This dog swam his or her way out of the flood in Hamshire.

The Richert family in Houston took in 16 people and seven dogs during the storm, including these two:

Here's a video of two dogs and their owner being rescued from a stranded truck in Rockport.

These dogs made it out of their home OK.

One dog surfed out of a flooded neighborhood in Houston.

Houston resident Naomi Coto carried her dog Simba out of a Houston flood on her back Sunday.

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