Plano's Karith Foster, whose new job is keeping Don Imus out of trouble

Don Imus' New Comic Sidekick is an African-American Woman from Plano

Don Imus is back on the air this morning, this time with an African-American co-host -- and she's a Plano native, no joke, who moved to New York in 1999 so she could get on TV. Her name's Karith Foster, and on her Web site she describes Plano as "the affluent suburb north of Dallas with the ethnic diversity of a Klan rally," where she "indulged her performing bug by starring in her high school’s ALL WHITE production of A Raisin in the Sun."

Foster's one of two black comedians joining Imus; also sitting in on the alleged fun and yuks is Tony Powell, from Brooklyn. Foster now lives in Harlem, where, she writes in her "fun" biography, she's "been nicknamed ‘Princess’ by several friends and acquaintances who are convinced she’s actually a Jewish girl from Long Island trapped in that body -- which would technically make her a JA-AP (Jewish African-American Princess)." Gosh, that sure is fun. --Robert Wilonsky

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