Donald Trump and Mark Cuban Are Fighting On Twitter Right Now

Today, from the annals of meaningless, social-media ephemera, we'd like to direct you to the bitchy little TwitterFight between Mark Cuban and Donald Trump. It is, we assure you, the kind of TwitterFight that can only exist between insanely wealthy, Type-A megalomaniacs. No matter how far removed some of these rich guys get from primary school, they never truly leave the playground.

If you'll recall, Cuban offered Trump $1 million to shave the complex, architectural marvel of engineering that is his iconic coif. Guess that didn't sit well. Best we can tell, this dust-up began when Cuban challenged trump to put up $1 million for Superstorm Sandy relief instead:

Nobody, but nobody, pushes The Donald around, and so Trump responded by delivering some low blows:

He is, of course, referring to the suit filed by Ross Perot Jr., a minority partner in the Mavs club and Cuban's MLB team ownership aspirations. It gets ridiculous from here.

In Trump's responses, he may as well have produced his penis for the measuring:

That, we guess, is the moral of this story: Vote, y'all.

Update: Apparently, they'll both be on The Ticket Tuesday morning.

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Brantley Hargrove

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