Don't Quit Your Day Jobs

No, Drew Bledsoe didn't mangle an ACL in practice. But for a handful of rabid Dallas sports fans, the dream ended last night just an hour south of Dallas Cowboys training camp here in Oxnard, California. FC Roma, an amateur soccer team from our beloved city, was beaten 2-nil in the fourth round of the U.S. Open Cup by Major League Soccer power L.A. Galaxy last night in Los Angeles. The game was actually on TV here in Ventura and provided a pesky distraction from sipping cold Coronas in a beach-front bar while watching the sun set into the Pacific in 68-degree weather. (Insert envy here.)

Roma's run was newsworthy nonetheless. The team of has-been Dallas Sidekicks and never-were nobodies won three games in the prestigious tournament and became the first amateur team to beat an MLS squad when it topped Chivas USA last month. Roma actually played a decent game and trailed only 1-0 until late, when 46-year-old goalie Nestor Merlo literally gave away the ball to seal the deal. The good news: Nestor and his mates can sleep in today. No more 7 a.m. practices before work. --Richie Whitt

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