DPD Acknowledges That Peppering Lowest Greenville Sunday Morning Was a Mistake

On Monday I recounted my late-night, pepper-spray-scented trip to Lowest Greenville Avenue. Since then, I've been trying to get some response from Dallas Police Department. But yesterday DPD spokesperson Janice Crowther said, in short, there was nothing to respond to: She told Unfair Park that if an officer fired pepper balls, then he'd have to fill out a Miscellaneous Incident Report. But Crowther said she could find no such report for Greenville Avenue in the wee small hours of July 4.

Now, she did find one for 11:30 p.m. July 3 at 3535 Munger Avenue. Seems there were folks "throwing lit fireworks at some firemen," Crowther said. But nada for Greenville Ave. Her suggestion: "If someone wants to file a complaint, they can call and report it to internal affairs."

We've also been trying to get hold of Deputy Chief Vince Golbeck -- messages have been left. But he did acknowledge to CW33 that, yup, an officer did indeed fire those 13 rounds and, yup, he's being investigated and will more than likely be disciplined. Said the deputy chief, the officer "made a mistake, and we have to learn from it. He understands he should have made a better decision." A follow-up to come.

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