DPD Announces Arrest of Gun-Waving Guy In Metro PCS Robbery [Updated]

Dallas police just announced that they've arrested one of the two men suspected in the May 28 robbery of a Metro PCS store. That man is George Tucker, and he can be seen in the video above waving a gun at the store employees, a male customer, and, at one point around 3:07 or so, dangerously near the head of the customer's 4-year-old daughter.

Tucker was identified by "multiple people" who viewed the video on local media outlets, DPD says. According to court records, he has previous convictions in Dallas County for aggravated robbery, possession with intent to deliver and evading arrest. He also had previous charges for murder, burglary and family violence, all of which were dismissed.

The second suspect has also been identified and is being questioned by detectives; his name hasn't been released yet.

Update, June 8: Detectives announced that the second suspect, Robert Clyde Wallace, has also been arrested. As Big Bob points out, police initially reported that Turner was ID'ed by friends due to media attention. Turns out, all the media coverage caused him to turn himself in, and offer up Wallace's name too.

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Anna Merlan
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