Driver in DART Tollway Collision Wasn't Drunk, High, or On His Cell Phone But Was Fired Anyway

If you watched the footage of a DART paratransit van plowing, without so much as a hint of a tap on the brake pedal, into a line of cars exiting the Dallas North Tollway on June 29, you might have assumed the driver was a) not completely sober, b) sending/receiving sext messages or c) all of the above.

Turns out none of those is true, at least according to Veolia Transportation, the company with which DART contracts for its paratranist service. The company put out a press release last night stating that, though he wasn't in violation of the companies drug, alcohol, or cell phone policies and had a good safety record, the driver "is no longer in the employment of Veolia Transportation." Presumably because the crash revealed that he is a terrible driver.

Veolia says an investigation into the crash is ongoing, but Friend of Unfair Park Jabber1174 knows the score:

I bet the DART driver was watching the Black Lamborghini on the left just as he crashed into the cars. You can see the black car change from the middle to the left lane just as the bus driver crashes.


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Eric Nicholson
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