Dwaine Caraway and John Wiley Price Get Into Fight at Radio Station

Dallas Police confirm that they were called to the radio station KHVN Monday after Dwaine Caraway and John Wiley Price got into a physical altercation. Price and Caraway were at the station for a debate ahead of their March 1 primary battle for the Democratic nomination for the District 3 spot on the Dallas County Commissioners Court. 

A third candidate in the race, Micah B. Phillips, took part in the debate and video recorded what appears to be the aftermath of the fight. We're trying to get the raw footage from Phillips, but the edited version put up by WFAA shows Caraway yelling at Price as he's being dragged out of the studio.

"I'm tired of you," Caraway says about 15 seconds in. "You fucked up now, you fucked up my house."

If we hear back from the principals, or the station, we'll update this space.

Update: 6:57 p.m. — We've got the complete video from Phillips: 

As you can hear, Caraway accuses Price of "fucking his wife." According to Phillips, Caraway said the animosity between him and Price goes back 25 years, leading one to believe Caraway is talking about his first wife, rather than his current wife, Barbara. Phillips says there's more video coming, we'll update you when we get it.

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