Ebola House Update: Decorations Aren't Coming Down, Display Now Benefits Charity

James Faulk is, apparently, very serious about this. Despite any negative reaction he may have received after media coverage of his Ebola-themed Halloween decorations -- and there were probably at least as many that were positive -- the University Park dad plans to keep the hazardous material drums, medical waste bags and caution tape up through Friday.

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In a note sent to The Dallas Morning News, Faulk promises to donate cash to Doctors Without Borders for every person that steps foot in his "E-BOO-LA victim room." Entrance will cost at least $1, the note says.

The house, which sits on the corner of Westchester Drive and Emerson Avenue now has Twitter account and an Instagram (surprisingly, @ebolahouse was not taken on either platform).

Faulk further tells the News that "[a]n ambulance, forklift and other props" will be in place by Halloween. "As you know the news has spread around the world and we'd like to put it to good use and help a great cause! We are NOT in this for any financial gain, unless its [sic] for our charity," he says.

James Faulk, owner of the famed #UniversityPark @ebolahouse, came by this morning... #Ebola #EbolaHalloweenCandyAnyone

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