Ed Bark, Liver Than You'll Ever Be

Ed Bark -- Uncle Barky, to you -- sends word that beginning December 1, he'll be hosting a "monthly live interview show where his readers can talk about the media and meet local radio and television personalities." It'll kick off at 2 p.m. at Stratos Global Greek Taverna on Northwest Highway, near Bachman Lake. And because Ed's apparently already run out of guests, his first will be KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) morning-show co-host Gordon Keith, who happens to work for Ed's former employer in his spare time. (Me, Ed, I'd have started with Rebecca Aguilar. C'mon.) Tracy Rowlett follows in January.

Says Ed in the media release shipped out yesterday, "I’m looking forward to expanding the dialogue with my readers in a whole new way." Also from the media release, these six very special words: "food and drink specials all day." In which case, Ed, to expand your dialogue, you'd best start here. --Robert Wilonsky


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