Ed Bark asks the same thing we're all wondering: How does any newscast anchored by this woman stay on top?

Ed Bark Suffers Sweeps So You Don't Have To

God bless Ed Bark. I dunno how much Uncle Barky's making over at his Web site -- gonna guess probably less than he did whilst toiling for Dallas' Only Daily since there were three networks broadcasting on a 13-inch Magnavox -- but Ed's actually forcing himself to sit through every one of the local newscasts every night this month. That way, he can report back who's doing news and who's doing not much.

In today's installment, Ed tries to answer a question dogging local news junkies: Why doesn't KTVT-Channel 11 do better in the ratings with its 10 p.m. newscast? After all, Ed writes, Friday night featured "a solid, informative, genuinely newsy newscast." Yet, Ed notes, it barely beat KDFW-Channel 4 to finish third -- "despite following the night's most-watched prime-time program, Numb3rs." (Thanks for the heads-up, Ed: I had no idea Rob Morrow was still working in prime-time TV.)

And who's the big winner? You guessed it: "NBC5's flea circus." --Robert Wilonsky

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