Eight Runs, Reruns -- All the Same to the Rangers

I still can't believe this is how Ed Bark spends his time: watching local TV ratings so, thank God, the rest of us don't have to. And I do love this tidbit from this morning's ratings recap:

The Mavs' hardfought, Dirk-less road win over the Sacramento Kings averaged 171,360 homes and easily was the most-watched TV attraction in town after the local 10 p.m. newscasts ended. The Rangers' second straight road loss to the Angels drew 54,740 homes and was watched by fewer viewers than CW33's 10 p.m. to midnight repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends and Sex & the City.

Count me among the 54 tho, and only because I fell asleep after the sixth inning. Still, two games into the season, when we can at least fool ourselves into believing this will be their season, and the Rangers still can't beat the Angels or the CW, which I didn't even know was still around? Jesus, what happens in August, when Ron Washington's team is 14 games back and on its 12th starting pitcher? Still, the low ratings are easily explained: That Friends episode that was on last night? You've seen it, oh, maybe three or four times. That Rangers game, the one during which the team's slugger (Sammy Sosa, in this case) struck out swinging with the bases loaded as the hitters stranded nine runners, the fielders committed two errors and the pitching staff gave up eight runs? That you've seen a million times. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.