Election '08: The End's Not Near

We're outs till Round 2 of the day's events -- there's still a paper version of Unfair Park to get out the door. So, see you somewhere around 7:30ish with reports from Dem damned precinct conventions (or, if you must, the caucuses). Till then, of course, the big news from the day making the rounds amongst the daily papers' blogs: this memo from Jim Boynton, Texas Democratic Party Primary Director.

In it, Boynton suggests that there's the potential for some nefarious doings tonight, courtesy "supporters of a given campaign [who] are requesting convention packets early," which is such a no-no he's looking to get law enforcement officials involved if need be. Because, see: "Removing convention packets or disruption of a polling location while requesting convention packets will not be tolerated." So, you've been warned. Till then, the perfect song for the day's events, courtesy The New Year. --Robert Wilonsky


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