Entourage: Fitting Finale or Farewell Flop?

I dunno, last Sunday night's finale to HBO's Entourage was a little too tidy for me. Vince finally got the girl. Eric was back with Sloan. Ari was reconciling with Mrs. Ari. Drama's show was a go and even Turtle was a trim, fit millionaire.

What the what?! 

I guess I prefer my break-ups/conclusions with a little more intrigue and, yes, reality. Life rarely arrives with a neat bow tied around it, and it shouldn't happen on my favorite TV shows. Like, maybe as they're toasting champagne en route to Italy how about the fancy jet suffers engine failure and as the plane plummets ...


Enjoyed that show for eight years. Maybe I would have liked it better had creator/writer Doug Ellin gotten his original man for the lead role -- Vince Vaughan. But still, it had enough sex and sports to keep me entertained on Sunday nights.

The show's ending just left a taste in my mouth that was too sweet and sappy, like a heaping spoonful of sugar ladled with honey. I prefer the post-end to Seinfeld, where all four characters get off the subway and -- in lieu of some closure or hug -- just part ways with "Okay, see ya later."

Reflecting on Entourage, I was reminded of all the athletes who got cameos, including ...

Vitali Klitschko

Lennox Lewis

Lamar Odom

Bobby Knight

Chuck Liddell

Phil Mickelson

Michael Phelps

Tom Brady

Steve Nash

LeBron James

Jim Edmonds

Adrian Peterson

Shawn Merriman

Mike Tyson

Chris Bosh

Kevin Love

Brian Urlacher

Drew Brees

Jordan Farmar

Ryan Howard

Alex Rodriguez

Amare Stoudemire

Michael Strahan

Mark Teixeira

And, of course, our very own Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban.

RIP, Entourage. May your first movie be better than your last episode.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.