Esquire Endorses: A Sneak Peek at the Local Races (and Restaurant)

If, by chance, you've been withholding your vote till Esquire's endorsement issue, then you're in luck, as the November issue's out now with its who-to-vote-fer list covering all 482 races nationwide. Among the locals getting a nod from the magazine: Rep. Jeb Hensarling, who, despite not having a "major-party opponent," still gets a special yellow-box thumbs-up for being "one of the first in his party to note that its recent profligate ways have hurts its image -- and the nation." Ludwig Otto also takes the check mark over Joe Barton, "who has used his position to threaten scientists who argue" that humans cause global warming. Alas, notes Esky, Otto's got no chance, as he's "hapless."

Republican Kay Granger gets the nod over Democratic challenger Tracey Smith: "Kay Granger is a Cowtown moderate, and her general support of Roe and its descendants -- including RU-486, the so-called morning-after pill -- earns her broad cross-party appeal." Chet Edwards takes the check over Rob Curnock, Democrat Ken Leach gets the thumbs-up over incumbent Michael Burgess in the 26th District, while in the 32nd District race, Esky's going with Desert Shield vet Eric Robertson over Pete Sessions, who the mag says "stinks -- of Abramoff-tinged corruption, of tired ultraconservative partisanship, of self-serving redistricting."

Oh, and Sen. John Cornyn makes the "10 Worst" list in the whole U.S. and A.: That man-box turtle marriage thing still does not play well -- even if his remarks never left the printed page. Speaking of, the magazine also endorses the Mansion Restaurant at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek as one of the Best New Restaurants of 2008. Something about blue jeans and roasted guinea fowl. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: The list is now live!

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