Estamos Cambiando Nombres: ¡Hola, Parque Injusto!

Look out -- they're "chasing after the young Mexicans pouring into the area"! And by they, of course, I mean the local media outlets about which AdWeek writes this morning, as it dissects the ultra-competitive Spanish-language radio stations, television stations and newspapers in Dallas-Fort Worth vying for the Hispanic audience's increasingly powerful dollar. Whether it's Univision versus Telemundo on the teevee, KESS-FM (107.9, La Que Buena) staring down the handful of Liberman Broadcasting-owned radio stations in the market or La Subasta de Dallas going at it with Belo's Al Dia, one thing's clear:

The growth of the Latino population has been dramatic. About 1.2 million Hispanics were in the DMA in 2000, more than twice the figure from 10 years earlier and a fourfold jump from 1980, according to census data analyzed by SRC. Roughly 80 percent of these Latinos are of Mexican descent...

There will be 2.1 million Hispanics by 2012, accounting for 28.5 percent of the population, predicts Boston-based forecasting firm Global Insight, and hold nearly $51 billion in buying power...

Advertisers are catching up with the area's population growth. Expenditures were just under $78 million last year, far less than comparably sized markets such as Houston, according to Hispanic Business. Advertisers spent $38.7 million on Spanish-language TV, according to the magazine's research.

In related news, we're very close to changing our name -- and Parque Injusto does sound awesome. Only, don't tell any of this to Farmers Branch councilman Tim O'Hare, who tells the Associated Press that "what was once a really, really, really nice neighborhood start[ed] to decline" once them Spanish-speaking businesses started moving in. One also wonders what the AP intended to communicate with this particular sentence: "... O'Hare, 37, said in an interview with The Associated Press at the ornately decorated two-story home he shares with his two dogs." Guesses are welcome. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.