European Vacation

Tiger Woods is leading the British Open. He couldn't have done it without Dallas' Hank Haney, who got Tiger into the swing of things. Rock me.

It's not so bad to be an American overseas today--well, unless you're trapped in Lebanon or something. But if you're a Yankee Doodle Sports Dandy, you're set up for a pretty special weekend. At the British Open at Royal Liverpool this morning, Tiger Woods fired a 7-under 65 to take a three-shot lead into the weekend. Woods, coached by Dallas' own Hank Haney, holed out a glorious 4-iron from 205 yards. From that distance, most of us hackers would be flailing at a 3-wood.

Meanwhile, American Floyd Landis continued his remarkable recovery from Wednesday's epic collapse in the Tour de France. With seven-time winner Lance Armstrong now merely a spectator, Landis bonked and fell from 1st to 11th place, only to rally back Thursday into third. After a safe, steady ride today, Landis is positioned to win the yellow jersey and the race in Saturday's dramatic time trial. So on Sunday we should have two more reasons to be proud Americans--or three, if, like Jim Schutze, you know anybody cruising home from the Middle East. --Richie Whitt

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