Evan at the Plate: Out at The News, the Rangers Beat Writer Slides Into D

Jim Moroney, A.H. Belo executive vice president and Dallas Morning News publisher, confirms that the company has laid off employees at The Denton Record Chronicle -- how many, though, he does not say. Belo, as reported earlier, expects to lay off 500 employees in coming days, with 75 to 100 coming from its paper in Providence. "The other subsidiary operating companies and TDMN [The Dallas Morning] reductions will happen over the next several weeks," he tells Unfair Park, "if we can get it all done by then."

But there's at least one staffer he need not worry about setting free: longtime Texas Rangers beat writer Evan Grant, who, last we heard, was being taken off the base path and stuck covering the Dallas Cowboys. To which he's said, No thanks. Hence, Grant's debut today as the keeper of the Inside Corner, a D magazine blog where, Evan writes, "Our first priority is baseball coverage, mostly because that's our passion." Which prompts this entry on The News's Rangers blog: "We'll be blogging live from the home games and providing as much information as we can throughout the season." Very reassuring.

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Robert Wilonsky
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