Evan Smith Puts Craig Watkins on Witness Stand, or: The Entirety of Yesterday's Interview

TribLive featuring Dallas DA Craig Watkins from texastribune on Vimeo.

Whilst browsing the Vimeo moments ago, I came across the entirety of Texas Tribune editor-in-chief Evan Smith's chat with Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins yesterday at the Austin Club. It was just posted. We posted a three minute-excerpt yesterday, but for those who don't want to hear Watkins talk about DNA exonerations and the Conviction Integrity Unit, skip ahead to the 12-minute mark, when Smith asks Watkins about the investigation into the doings of, among others, Constables Jaime Cortes and Derrck Evans.

That's when Watkins begins talking about how two Dallas County Commissioners -- Maurine Dickey and Dallas County Judge Jim Foster -- knew his office was conducting an investigation into allegations against the constables as early as 2009.

Update at 7:47 a.m. Friday: The TT has just posted the audio and a transcript as well, for those considering staging a re-enactment.

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