Even If Bubba Kadane Doesn't Recall Much From This 2004 Show, You Can Right Now

Los Bros Kadane: Matt and Bubba

On Friday, we provided you a link to some long-lost live Bedhead, circa 1998. Well, the same MP3 blog today offers something perhaps a little more special: 11 songs Matt and Bubba Kadane performed in Germany in November 2004. (The site says '01, but Bubba tells Unfair Park, nope, it was '04.) The quality of the 11 tracks is OK, a little too heavy with the bass, but what makes the set list truly special is the inclusion of both New Year tracks and Bedhead songs, among them "Bedside Table" and "Crushing" off 1994's full-length debut What Fun Life Was. Because, see, The New Year don't play them old songs. Not often, if ever.

Bubba tells Unfair Park today that The New Year was in Europe in the fall of '04 to play a festival in Spain and a show in London, then the bros decided to keep touring, via train, throughout Germany and France for another week. As for this particular recording, he says, "We probably played better shows on that tour, but it was OK. I don't really remember it. It was in a huge, reverberant space they had all-night raves in. We were the prelude to a rave."

And we can't think of anything less appropriate.

"And it wasn't like we were the early show," Bubba says. "It was somewhere between midnight and 2 a.m., and the rave started at 3 a.m. But they were very nice people. It was a pleasant gig." And now, it can be all yours as we do our best to use our brains and influence to get people reading books and listening to music. --Robert Wilonsky

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