Ever Wanted a Humongous Green Road Sign Featuring Tom Landry's Fedora? Now's Your Chance.

Remember when North Texas hosted the Super Bowl? And how the name of the 30-mile, Arlington-area stretch of Interstate 30 was changed from from the Tom Landry Highway to the Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway? And how we may never host another Super Bowl and that, if we do, it'll be another decade or so?

With all that in mind, the North Texas Council of Governments has a proposition for you. How about you buy one of the dozen special "Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway" road signs that it's not currently using, and just bring them back the next time a Super Bowl comes to town?

NCTCOG's executive committee will vote today to auction them signs off. Proceeds will go to a "Super Bowl Host Committee-related charity or other similar organization" I've got my checkbook ready and a spot that'll be perfect for a humongous sheet of green aluminum, right in front of the family pictures. My wife will love it.

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Eric Nicholson
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