Everything You Needed to Know About That Downtown to Oak Cliff Streetcar Line

On Friday, Keith Manoy, the chief transportation planning officer, spoke to Unfair Park about who will be responsible for what when it comes to the designing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Union Station-to-near-Methodist Hospital streetcar line, which has to be up and running down the Houston Street Viaduct by the end of 2013 to get that $23-million federal TIGER grant. Today we get an even clearer look at the whole operation courtesy the agenda for tonight's meeting of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board, which will sign off on the inter-local agreement with the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the city of Dallas before council does likewise tomorrow.

On the other side you'll find not only the agreement, but all the facts and figures related to the $35-million project, considered by officials as the "starter line" for a much larger project if and when there's available money for the seven-mile-long expansion. You'll see guesstimated revenues, time lines, hours of operation ("14 hours of service, Monday - Friday. No weekend service") and the map you see above. You'll note: DART guesstimates annual operating revenue of around $400,000 -- and operating expenses of around $1.8 million -- through the foreseeable future, after the grants and other contributions run out (though it doesn't take into account extensions to Bishop Arts and so forth that would ostensibly get added to the line in coming years). DART says to talk to Manoy about that; I've left messages for him and council member Linda Koop, head of the council's Transportation and Environment Committee.

Update: Koop's out of the office and says she'll get back to us after she's had a chance to review DART's docs.

Dart April Agenda Supplement

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